Sunday, March 13, 2011

I love Fashion Because....

I could not tell you why I love fashion in a one blog post, but I can tell you some of the mains reasons.  fashion allows you to be anyone you want and does not judge whatsoever. Fashion is a way to express yourself and who you are, whether you prefer wearing cardigans or leather jackets ( or both). It is a way to create and to achieve, but a major reason why I love fashion is because you can change through it.

I used to have a closed mind about fashion and it took me a while to get out of my own way. But eventually I was able to see past my old ways and fall in love with new things. I used to hate animal prints, but I recently bought a pair of leopard print tights that I absolutely adore.

The fashion world is always changing and  there is always something new to wear or a style to try. That is what makes the fashion world so much fun.

BTW,  I want  really want want a pair of these shoes.

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