Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Art of Being Wild.

                         College students  are  destined to have some wild times. It's in the college brochure, seriously. But to be wild, you have to look the part. The Key to dressing like a "wild child," lies in the most important piece: the leather jacket.

 The leather jacket has what I like to call the "badass affect." As soon as you slip one on you feel, well, kind of badass.

                     This piece is the foundation for the look and it will seem incomplete without one. But with the  jacket you can come up with your own version of the wild child by mixing it with different pieces.    My version has an 80's feel to it with the use of colored jeans, a graphic tee, feather earrings, and platform heels.

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  1. Lovin your blog miss mollie :)